Logo for lynda.com service image of woman with glasses and book in handWe have exciting news! You can access lynda.com’s wealth of online video learning for free with your WCCLS library card.

Lynda.com offers over 4000 skill-building courses in the areas of business, creative arts, and technology. You are sure to find quality, on-demand training for personal and professional growth that you can access at no cost, thanks to WCCLS’ subscription.

The range of courses offered may surprise you; they are known for technology and computer software classes, but there’s much more!

  • Work in business? Develop your skills in project management, marketing, data analysis, or using popular business software.
  • Learn to create and edit multimedia audio, music, photography and video.
  • Do you work in training and education? With lynda.com, you could learn classroom management, instructional design, and how to use learning management systems.

For more details on how to use this service, read our FAQ or contact the library for details.

Get started at wccls.org/lynda with your WCCLS library card handy.  What will you learn today?