Our volunteers bring many and varied talents to the library. Meet two of the writers in our midst.

Ann Anderson volunteers in Circulation at Cedar Mill. An experienced non-fiction author, Ann uses the library system for her research, and is particularly grateful for our Inter-Library Loan service. She says, “I couldn’t do what I do without ILLs.”

Ann’s most recent offerings are on our Young Adult shelves: Four Chambers, about a 16-year-old heart-transplant recipient whose new organ is sending messages, and Incompletein which “Lauren swaps a tiny piece of her soul for the Teen Queen app from Brimstone International — and has a wicked case of buyer’s remorse.”  We look forward to more from Ann, on the page and in the library.

Vicki Fitzgerald also volunteers in Circ at Cedar Mill, and she has just published her first book, Simple Guide to Saving for the Young and Broke, A Simple Booklet on Cutting Spending and Saving Money. Since publication in November, Vicki said, “It seems to have hit a nerve.”

Vicki has outlined a straightforward process in three steps: be aware of your spending; live beneath your means, and invest the difference. She demystifies the often-stressful conversation about money, and offers actionable steps to get a handle on income and savings. Aimed at 20-somethings, the book has advice for spenders and savers of any age.