Join the CMBCLA Board

Interested in becoming a Member of the CMBCLA Board of Directors?

You can help provide literacy and learning opportunities for this community! Serve on the Library’s Board of Directors. The 11 volunteer members of the Board are responsible for overseeing the financial and operational performance of the Cedar Mill & Bethany Community Libraries Association (CMBCLA). We are accepting applications now for openings on the Board this fall. Applications to join the CMBCLA Board of Directors are due by September 1st.

By serving on the Cedar Mill & Bethany Community Libraries Board of Directors you will:

  • Make community access to vital resources and programs possible
  • Ensure library development, transparency and accountability
  • Gain valuable, hands-on experience
  • Impact the future of literacy in Washington County and beyond

The 11 volunteer members of the Board of Directors are responsible for overseeing the financial and operational performance of the Cedar Mill & Bethany Community Libraries Association (CMBCLA).
Three seats will become available this fall.

Qualifications: Board members must become members of CMBCLA, and must be willing to devote time and effort to Board responsibilities, including fundraising efforts, attendance at library events, and cultivating community contacts.

Commitment: Three-year term beginning in October 2023.

Board member responsibilities include

  • establishing policies, guidelines and limits
  • developing long-range plans
  • maintaining a sound financial base and legal accountability for the Association
  • financial contributions to the library within personal capabilities
  • acting as an ambassador for the library, building relationships with family, social, business and community contacts

To apply:

  • Become a member of the Cedar Mill & Bethany Community Libraries Association (CMBCLA).
  • Apply to become a volunteer and note your interest in serving on the board. Current volunteers may contact Executive Director, Peter Leonard, at or (503) 644-0043 x110 to be added to the list of potential board members.
  • Read the CMBCLA Board Member Description (pdf) (doc)for details.
  • Attend board meeting as an audience member in advance of applying for a board position. Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Cedar Mill Library or the Bethany Library Annex. Contact for details.

Election to be held during the Annual Meeting on October 17 at 7:00 PM. Terms running to October 2026.

Board Member Rita Rivera

Former Board Member Rita Rivera

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve on the Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries Association Board. I have been an employee, a patron and a volunteer and know the workings of the library from both sides. I see the dedication of staff and volunteers and the results in making this one of the most efficient, innovative and beloved libraries in Washington County. It is truly a community asset that promotes the love of learning and reading in many forms.” —Rita Rivera, Board Member since 2017

Board President Lesly Sanocki

Former Board Member Lesly Sanocki

“I have always been a reader, which is why I am such a strong library advocate. But the library is so much more than physical books to read. The library has an amazing staff that can help you track down an elusive book, even if WCCLS does not own it! The library is a place to learn, pick up a new craft, start a new hobby, engage with others through a movie or book or seminar. It is a place for kids to engage in storytime, do research, learn about the wider world, play a board game. The library has moved beyond being a place of only books on the shelves-it is a dynamic, ever-changing, integral part of our community. It is a place for everyone and is vital. This is why I am honored to serve on the board of CMBLA.” —Lesly Sanocki, Former President and Board Member

Deb Starr Board Member

Board Member Deb Starr

I have loved serving on the CMBCLA Board, meeting so many others whose love of reading knows no bounds! The Cedar Mill and Bethany libraries are an extension of our homes, and it was never as noticeable as during the pandemic. I love finding ways to expand family reading beyond the walls of the home!” —Deb Starr, Board Member since 2019

Board member Jeanne Gustavson

Board Member Jeanne Gustavson

“Reading and education have always been important to me. Growing up in a small rural community instilled in me a love of libraries and the impact they could bring to a small child. Reading and access to books empower thought, dreaming and visions of what could be. When an opportunity to become a CMBCLA board member presented itself to me, I felt an obligation to serve an institution that supported these beliefs. Serving on this board has enriched my life and provided me an opportunity to be part of a growing integral aspect of the community.” —Jeanne Gustavson, Board Member since 2017

Board Member James Moreland

Former Board Member James Moreland

“Being on the CMBCLA Board gives me a chance to give back to an organization which I have enjoyed for 40 years. I get to work with a lot of dedicated, interesting people, all focused on improving our library. Our libraries continue to be community spaces that do a great job encouraging early reading and a love of learning.” James Moreland, Board Member since 2017