Teen Book Review: Mockingjay

The thrilling conclusion to the Hunger Games is intense. Will Katniss rescue Peeta and turn him back to normal? Or will the ongoing pressure of being the center of the rebellion take her down before the final fight begins?

July 28, 2021|Categories: Reviews, Teens|

Teen Book Review: Catching Fire

It is now a year after the Hunger Games and Katniss and Peeta discover there will be a Victors Tour of the previous winners of  the Hunger Games from each district. As Peeta and Katniss move through the districts, Katniss has a feeling that a rebellion is creeping up.

July 21, 2021|Categories: Reviews|

Teen Book Review: Your Inner Fish

Your Inner Fish is about the paleontologist and an anatomy professor who co-discovered Tiktaalik which is “the fish with hands''. This book tells a story about our bodies that we have rarely read before.

June 25, 2021|Categories: Reviews, Teens|

Teen Book Review: Iron Cast

Ada and Corine are one of many people who are homeopaths- people who can create illusions with their art. However, this business has some shady undersides, and they are opposed by some powerful people.

April 1, 2021|Categories: Reviews|
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