Teen Book Review: The Hunger Games

In the 74th games, Katniss Everdeen takes her sister's place (Prim Everdeen) to participate in the Hunger Games. She has had near-death experiences before and survival is second nature to her. She becomes a contender in the process.

August 26, 2022|Categories: Reviews, Teens|

Teen Book Review: Night

Night is a memoir based on his experience during the Holocaust in the Nazi German concentration camps at Auschwitz during World War ll in Europe.

June 17, 2022|Categories: Reviews|

Teen Book Review: The Impossible Climb

Alex Honnold’s ascent of El Capitan was so much more than a single feat of human endurance. His historic no-rope “free solo” of El Capitan’s 3000 feet of sheer granite is the closing of one chapter of a longer story, the story of a community of people seeking a perfect, choreographed dance with nature: climbers.

May 27, 2022|Categories: Reviews|

Teen Book Review: New Moon

New Moon continues with the action-packed love story between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. When Edward leaves Bella after his brother attacks her during an incident, she is left depressed, distressed, and lonely.

May 20, 2022|Categories: Reviews|

Teen Book Review: Blind Your Ponies

When Sam Picket comes to the quiet little village to hide from the violence and madness that have shattered his life, he discovers buried and shadowed stories fraught with aching regret, human wreckage, and heartrending bravery--people silently bearing their broken dreams and unbearable sorrows.

March 14, 2022|Categories: Reviews|

Teen Book Review: Truly Devious

Stevie is accepted into an elite boarding school (Ellingham academy), where students have the opportunity to research their unique interests. Stevie's is solving murders. Stevie must unravel both the cold case, the Truly Devious murders, and the most recent deaths and bring justice to the school.

February 25, 2022|Categories: Reviews|
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