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Film Club – Bad Lucky Goat (Colombia)

The Denton family runs a hotel in the beautiful Port Paradise situated on Colombia’s breathtaking Caribbean coast. Cornelius and his older sister Rita are sent out to pick up guests. While bickering, the siblings hit a stray goat. The poor animal is dead and their father’s car is damaged. This starts the incompatible duo’s search for a garage and money to pay for repairs

April 23, 2018|Categories: Movies & Music|

Film Club: Glory (Bulgaria)

Glory (Slava) interweaves dark humor in a tale concerning a poor but honest railroad worker who finds millions of dollars on the tracks. It offers a morality tale that underscores the connections between personal experience and the larger social and political forces that – improbably and all too frequently – push and pull us in ways we would not ordinarily choose.

March 28, 2018|Categories: Movies & Music|
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