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Teen Book Review: Confessions of a High School Disaster

March 3, 2017|Categories: Info, Reviews, Spotlight - Teens|

This book follows a girl named Chloe Snow and all of her crazy drama written in her diary. Chloe thinks she really has it rough compared to other kids in her school. She thinks that her life is a mess because her crush is not being loyal to her and that her mom moved to Mexico to work on her book. This makes Chloe feel like she has no one who really truly cares about her. She is consumed by drama and heartbreak that leads to a bad path.

Ukrainian Egg Decorating

October 27, 2016|Categories: Info|

Inspired by traditional folk art of Eastern and Central Europe, Daniela Sipkova-Mahoney uses eggshells as her canvas. On Monday, November 7, at 6:00 pm, Daniela [...]

Estate Planning Workshop

October 19, 2016|Categories: Info|

Everyone has an “estate,” no matter what you’ve acquired in life. Yet 75% of the public is caught unprepared, unaware that they even have an [...]