Our coding club will have 3 special sessions this summer. We will have laptops and other coding tools set out for kids ages 10-18 for 90 minutes during these three sessions. Our club is an opportunity for you to learn through collaboration, experience and play. In addition, we will feature an activity each session where we learning about a coding skill.

Wed, June 28  2-3:30 PM
Learn about programming as we use ipad apps to program the Dash and Dot robot to move, throw things and navigate a maze.

Wed, July 12 2-3:30 PM
Learn about logical thinking and working cooperatively with our Breakout Box scenario called the Candy Caper.  Kids will need to think clearly and work together to solve the puzzles to break into the Candy box.

Wed, July 26  2-3:30 PM
Learn about programming by making the Finch Robot change colors, move around a maze and avoid obstacles.

No registration required at this time.  Adults will be there to facilitate, but we will be learning with you as well.  Let’s learn together!