Teen Book Review: Panda-Monium

Author: Stuart Gibbs

Genre: Mystery, comedy

Date Published: April 2017

Rating: 5/5

Funjungle is getting a panda. Funjungle is a zoo where Teddy’s parents work. The truck delivering the panda arrives, but no panda is inside. The panda has been “panda-napped.” 13-year-old sleuth, Teddy, decides to help solve the mystery of who “panda-napped” Li Ping the panda! Panda-monium is the fourth book in the Funjungle series, by Stuart Gibbs. 

I love love LOVE mystery books, and how they make you think. I love how Panda-monium was such a simple and easy to understand plot, which made this book extremely fun to read. Also, the solution of the “mystery” made sense. It is interesting to see how Teddy reveals how Li Ping was stolen through many murder attempts. The mystery aspect was awesome because it was constantly what Teddy was thinking of throughout the whole book as he was getting clues. I have read many mystery books where they reveal the mystery at the end of the book, yet the protagonist does no thinking throughout. I am not a fan of those books, but Panda-monium was the opposite!

Second, this book really makes you think while making you laugh your head off as you’re getting sucked in the story. I loved everything about this book-the writing, plot, and details!

I would rate pandamonium a 5 out of 5 stars, and would recommend this book to anyone who would like a good laugh, and light but fun mystery book!

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