Teen Book Review: King’s Cage

Fast Facts:

  • King’s Cage is the third installment in the Red Queen Series
  • Author: Victoria Aveyard
  • Date of Publication: February 7th, 2017
  • Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
  • Stars Given: 5 out of 5
  • Ages: 13-17 years

Warning: Contains Spoilers from Red Queen and Glass Sword (Books One and Two)

A year ago, Mare Barrow, a poor red girl from the Stilts had her life changed when she displayed powers and abilities that only silvers should possess, In that one year, Mare has been on line to becoming a princess of Norta, has captured the love of the crown prince Tiberias, and has joined a far reaching red rebellion against the silvers of Norta and the other countries, all as a part of her quest to save other newbloods from the tyrannical King Maven Calore. Now, a year later, Mare Barrow has been imprisoned by Maven, all in exchange for her friends’ lives to be spared. A massive uprising is on it’s way, whether Mare is leading it or not, and there’s nothing that Maven can do to stop it, because when the uprising comes, ALL WILL BURN…….

With Red Queen and Glass Sword, Victoria Aveyard wrote a wonderful storyline, and this tale is continued with King’s Cage. Aveyard’s writing is magnificent and eloquent, and her words perfectly create images of the characters and events in the story, The romance in this story has escalated to new heights, and exposes hidden parts of characters that have not been seen before. In this book, we see the depth of Maven’s obsession over Mare and the  strength of Mare’s and Cal’s love through thick and thin, adapting to every obstacle in their way.

I would recommend this book, firstly, to anyone who is a fan of fantasy novels that are dystopian in that they are modeled on our world and show what happened to it. However, even though this is a fantasy novel, do keep in mind that there is quite a bit of romance in this novel, but most of it is crucial in keeping the storyline alive.

My note of advice: You will not understand this novel without reading the first and second novels, as this book does continue on from where the second one left off, as does the second with the first. I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I did!

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  • Book 4 (Name TBD, Publication Date (Expected) February 2018


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