Fast Facts

Title: Those Who Prey
Author: Jennifer Moffet
Publication date: 11/10/20
Genre: Thriller, Historical Fiction
Recommended for: 13+
Rating: 5/5 stars

A college student named Emily moves to Boston in the fall of 1994 from her small southern town for her freshman year, but finds herself lonely and out of place. That is until she finds the Kingdom, a small but growing church group on campus. In this seemingly innocent group, she finds friends, mentors, and a possible boyfriend. But the further Emily ventures into the group, the shadier it becomes. She is invited to an Italy mission trip, where even more suspicious and dangerous practices and events begin to occur within the group.

One of the best aspects of this novel for me was the amazing building of tension. We are right alongside Emily, seeing how this group is shown to be more and more dangerous and suspicious. The narration is in the first-person perspective which is a very effective choice. We can see exactly how Emily was dragged into these dangerous situations. We see how she questions herself and the people around her and how she is brainwashed. The book is haunting, and readers will feel scared for Emily as the stakes get higher around her. Overall, this is a great book for readers who like thrillers.

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