Black and white photo of a girl in dress

Fast Facts

Title: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Author: Ransom Riggs
Publication date: 2011
Genre: Fantasy
Recommended for: Teens ages 12+
Rating: 5/5

Jacob grew up on his grandfather’s stories about his own childhood during World War II. According to his grandfather, he escaped the Holocaust by taking refuge on a Welsh island, at an orphanage that catered to children with strange powers. The grandfather even has photos to prove it. As Jacob grows up, he loses faith in his grandfather and assumes the stories were fantasies, the photos faked. But when a horrible, inexplicable tragedy occurs, Jacob has to reevaluate. On a mysterious island, there lies an abandoned orphanage. Jacob explores the orphanage and learns all of its dark and beautiful secrets.

I confess I got this book solely on account of its cover. The creepy, black and white photograph of a very Children of the Corn looking girl, standing stock still, staring directly at the camera as if contemplating how best to eat your soul stood out like a corpse at a holiday party. And the title? How could I resist? I plucked the book from the shelves and brought it home. This fantastic story is based on real vintage photographs the author found. Clear black and white photos are strewn throughout the book, illustrating the action and characters in this amazing narrative. This is a well-written book. Vivid images fill the mind of the reader, as the far-fetched but interesting characters create an exciting storyline. This is one creative and unusual story!


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