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Fast Facts

Title: Just Wreck It All
Author: N. Griffin
Publication date: 10/23/18
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Recommended for: Ages 12+
Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

Beth was a total daredevil. Fearless, feisty, athletic; the type of person who’d bike down a mountain ledge just for the thrill of it. Give her a dare and she’d get it done, no question. But then she dared a friend, and instead of a thrill came horror and guilt. Now she divides her life into Pluses and Minuses. Pluses are things that make her feel good, things she doesn’t, nope, no way no how deserve. Minuses are punishments she doles out to herself, literally, in the form of binge eating or other actions, when a Plus can’t be avoided. Now, Beth is extremely overweight, depressed, and the opposite of a daredevil. Which makes her happy, but is that a Plus? Bett’s system is beginning to crack, revelations of that dare-gone-wrong are threatening to come out.

I, personally, didn’t enjoy this story very much. The summary on the back didn’t reflect what I actually read. Sure, Pluses and Minuses were a big part of the story, but there was more to it than that. There is an awesome mystery tied into the plot. Someone was destroying/vandalizing the school art. Unfortunately, I failed to see how this related to Beth suffering from an emotional moment in her life. I am not a fan of realistic fiction, so my opinion is a little biased. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about people dealing with emotional times plus a little mystery.

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