Fast Facts

Title: Up From the Sea
Author: Leza Lowitz 
Publication date: 2016
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Recommended for: Age 13 +
Rating: 5/5

Up From the Sea is about a high schooler, Kai who faces an earthquake followed by a tsunami in Japan. He loses almost everything he owns and everyone he cares about, including his family. He always thought after graduating high school, he would have a better life. Kai is trying to unravel the mystery of why his dad disappeared while dealing with grief and bittersweet news. When Kai left for a trip to New York to visit kids who changed completely after 9/11, they gave him courage to look for his American father, strength to survive,  and maybe a new beginning to look forward to. Will Kai find his dad and start afresh? Or will Kai not take the advice from the kids in New York and suffer?

In Up From the Sea, this experience definitely transformed the kids into adults and made them realize that they can rebuild what they lost and create a new beginning. Leza Lowitz wrote this book in-verse which had figurative language, imagery, high level vocabulary, and powerful quotes. I would definitely recommend this book to people who are 13 years old and above who like reading realistic fiction. I would rate this 5/5 stars because when Kai realized that the only way to recover from this tragic situation is to go back where it happened and work together.

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– Aarushi