Woman and man hugging in the snow between rows of white birch trees on each side.

Fast Facts

Title: The Mistletoe Inn
Author: Richard Paul Evans
Publication date: November 17, 2015
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Holiday
Recommended for: 13+
Rating: 5/5

Fearing for another holiday alone, Kimberly Rossi signs up for The Mistletoe Retreat, a nine-day prestigious writing class in Burlington, Vermont. Kimberly knows that she has reached a turning point in her life and sooner or later, she either chooses to achieve her dream or relinquish it. The other reason she decides to attend the conference is because the talented and aspiring romance writer, H.T. Cowell, once the best-selling romance writer in the United States, and the author whose books inspired her dream to become a writer, will finally speak in public after more than a decade. In one of her writing classes, Kimberly meets another motivated writer, Zeke, a witty man who seems as fascinated with Kimberly as he is with the class. As Kimberly begins to tell him about her stories and dreams, she unconsciously discloses her unsettling past. As Zeke helps her realize why her books fail to live up to their potential, Kimberly starts to question whether he’s actually talking about her life rather than her writings. However as she gets closer to him, she discovers that he has a hidden darkness, a darkness he’s resistant to talk about.

Richard Paul Evans strikes again with another heartwarming and uplifting holiday novel-The Mistletoe Inn. The plot immediately captivated my attention and pulled me into the book, as if I was another character witnessing this story. I loved the steady pacing of the novel and the holiday elements the author added to get the ‘essence of the season’. I would recommend this book to all who want to experience the warmth and appreciation of the magical romance in the holiday season. I would rate this a 5/5 stars! Richard Paul Evans is the king of engaging holiday romance novels! Enjoy!