Fast Facts

Title: The Lost
Author: Natasha Preston
Publication date: March 26, 2019
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Horror
Recommended for: 14+
Rating: 4/5 stars

If you are looking for a thrilling novel that will keep you up at night, you will enjoy Natasha Preston’s YA novel The Lost. When two teenage girls, Hazel and Piper, go searching for the missing teens in their town, they quickly find the terrifying truth. The girls are taken to a horrific building in the woods where they and other missing kids are subjugated to physical, psychological, and emotional tests. The girls and the other prisoners must find a way to survive and escape the grips of their torturers.

One thing I think is cool about the book is how the author can terrify the audience without gore or supernatural forces. The audience is scared by the mere idea of these tests. Throughout reading the book, I was constantly wondering what I would do in these characters’ situations. The author does a great job of building empathy with the characters. This allows you to feel both their dread and their perseverance. You can genuinely be scared by the things the characters are afraid of because they are more realistic and based on humans’ real fears. The book also has some soapier elements. The characters are trapped in this enclosed space, which is perfect for building intense relationships and conflict.

I would overall recommend this book to anyone looking for a scary psychological thriller for Halloween (or any time of the year).