Fast Facts

Title: Iron Cast
Author: Destiny Soria
Publication date: 10/04/2016
Genre: Mystery, Crime, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Recommended for: 12+
Rating: 4/5 stars

In 1919 Boston, two best friends named Ada Navarre and Corine Wells use their powers to perform in a nightclub called the Iron cast. Ada and Corine are one of many people who are homeopaths- people who can create illusions with their art. However, this business has some shady undersides, and they are opposed by some powerful people. When one of their fellow performers at the iron cast is killed, the threats and mysteries around the girls increase. The girls and their allies must uncover what is going on behind closed doors in the homeopathy nightlife of Boston. 

I originally picked up this book because historical fiction and fantasy are my favorite genres. Historical fiction is something I read a lot, and this book was definitely a standout. I loved the creative and original magic system and worldbuilding in this book. The characters’ abilities to turn their music, words and paintings into power were very creative as a power.  The character relationships were also fun and interesting. Ada and Corine are different in many ways, but their amazing friendship pulls the readers in. They are both developed well and you can see their friendship throughout the novel. Plotwise, I thought this book was a great mystery! It had a lot of twists and turns(some of which caught me completely off guard). The whole time I was anxious to know what direction the plot was going. If you enjoy books like the Mortal Instruments or the Diviners, I think this would be a great read. 

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