Title: Invictus
Author: Ryan Graudin
Genres: YA, Action, Romance, Dystopian, Mystery
Age Recommendation: 15+
Rating: 4/5
Invictus by Ryan Graudin is about a teenage boy named Farway Gaius McCarthy who is kicked out of a time traveling academy, despite being at the top of his class. Life doesn’t seem to look too great for Far, but it gets a whole lot more complicated when he gets involved with the black market and some shady dealings plundering through time.
Invictus is not your typical time travel novel, then again, I haven’t read a whole lot of those. Mostly because I’m not easily hooked to them. When I read the first couple of pages I was intrigued with Far’s out-of-world origins. I really enjoy how the point-of-view shifts between Far’s crew and friends. It allowed for a more diverse and rich character development. The plot was a little hard to follow in terms of the time-traveling technicalities, but then again I’ve watched Dr. Who without understanding half of what the Dr. said, and I still loved the show! Invictus is not predictable in the least, and it is so fast-paced and exciting that it was hard to put down. It is definitely a must read for all dystopian, action, mystery, and young-love romance readers.