Teen Book Review: Girl on the Plane

Fast Facts:

Author: Miriam Moss
Ages: 11+
Genre: Historical Fiction
Published: September 13, 2016

Girl on a Plane is about a plane hijacking in 1970. The author actually went through these events in the book, but changed some things.  The book follows 15 year old Anna, as her plane gets hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in order to get their own hostages released.  Anna and the other passengers must endure food and water deprivation as well as rigged explosives during their ordeal as chaos swirls around them.

Girl on a Plane was an ok book, but I didn’t get the feeling of being on a plane- a hijacked plane. Meaning, the book didn’t really make the hijacking as scary as I pictured it. Miriam Moss just said that the main character was feeling nervous, scared etc. She didn’t really explain what made the events so scary to the main character. Since I didn’t feel the emotions that the main character felt, I would only give this a rating of 3 stars. The plot also fluctuated a lot, to the point where I thought a little too much. And the book was very slow in general.

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