Book cover with girl fighting a knight

Fast Facts

Title: A Dark Descent
Author: Gabriel Gale and Lisa Fiedler
Publication date: May 2018
Genre: Fantasy
Recommended for: Ages 8-12
Rating: 2/5

A Dark Descent takes place in The Land of Oz, before a certain Kansas girl arrives. This story is about the battle between Glinda, a sorceress in training, and her friends to destroy the four wicked witches. It takes place right after the first book, A Fiery Friendship, where they have vanquished Aphidina, the first of the four wicked witches. Now, they trying to destroy the Wicked Warrior of the North, Marada. Glinda and her four friends travel The Land of Oz together, until they get seperated. The rest of the story alternates between Glinda, Ben, Shade and Lcasta. Both duos overcome challenges in different parts of defeat Marada.

In all honesty, I didn’t really enjoy this book because it was the sequel to the first one, and I hadn’t read the first one. Because of that, I was very confused for half of the book. There were so many characters that I didn’t know or understand their background/history. Because the chapters would alternate between the groups of characters, it was really hard for me to follow the plot line. There were too many names to keep track of. It was impossible to keep track of all the characters and their relationship to others. There was a name, Illumina, that was mentioned over and over again. I has super confused on who Illumina was, but it turned out Illumina was a sword, not a person. I would totally recommend this book ONLY if you read A Fiery Friendship first so you can get a better understanding of the story.


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