Painting of robin birds singing with music notes over their heads

Art by Kaitlin Mandell

Smiling teen girl holding an amazon card                                                             

Kaitlin Mandell, an 8th grader from Stoller Middle School won 1st Place in the 2023 WCCLS Summer Reading Teen Art Contest. Her piece depicting singing birds captured the essence of this year’s ‘Find Your Voice’ theme. Kaitlin won a $200 Amazon card for her entry and her art will be featured in program promotion all around the county. The contest’s 3rd Place winner was Jasper Gillispie, a Sunset High student who made a very stylish picture of a wolf singing into the night. His prize was a $50 Amazon gift card. Congratulations to both Kaitlin and Jasper.

Picture of a wolf reading a book and howling at the moon with the moon in the background.

Art by Jasper Gillispie