The Cedar Mill Library's meeting rooms are used primarily for library programs. Nonprofit community groups or organizations may be able to use the room. These meetings must be open to the public. Details below.
Meeting Room Permit & Policy
Meeting Room Floor Plan

Room Description: The Community Meeting Room is located on the library’s upper level, with elevator access, and accommodates up to 76 persons. This space can be subdivided into two smaller meeting rooms, Lewis (32 persons) and Clark (44 persons). Free library-provided Wi-Fi is available.

Please review our Meeting Room Policy for more details regarding requirements and limitations on use.

***Note: If the library meeting room does not meet your needs, may we suggest some other meeting rooms in the Cedar Mill area (PDF) or at other WCCLS libraries.

The library retains the right to use our meeting rooms for Association purposes at any time and will give reasonable notice if it is necessary to cancel or change a reservation.

1) Get Started

Before your group can use the room, review the Meeting Room Policy.

If the facility meets your organization’s event needs, fill out a Use Permit  noting your requested event date, and drop off your permit paperwork at the library check-out desk or fax it to the library at 503-644-3964. Keep the procedure sheet for your reference.

Key things to know:

  • In order to make a reservation, it is necessary to have a signed Revocable Use Permit on file at the library. A new permit must be filled out by group each calendar year or if the group contact info changes.
  • Reservations may be made up to 6 months in advance.
  • After receiving your request, the Library meeting room scheduler will call the group’s adult representative to approve and confirm your request.
  • Use is limited to non-profit community groups or organizations. (Rooms are not to be used by individuals, for tutoring, or for commercial purposes.) No fee for nonprofit group use. One exception to the rule: Land use review meetings organized by developers and/or their consultants are allowed, and are charged $100 for each use. Payment must be received prior to final confirmation of the scheduled use of the room.
  • Same day requests, especially weekend days, are generally not feasible.
  • No more than 1 reservation per group per month is allowed.
  • Groups are not allowed to use the meeting rooms when the library is closed. Library Hours.
  • There is a sliding door offering some sound muffling but be aware that other users may be in the other half of the room.
  • Refreshments are allowed only with prior permission.

2) Day of Meeting

When your group arrives to use the meeting room:

  • The meetings room doors are kept locked. The group’s adult representative obtains the key at the check-out desk on the 1st floor.
  • Entry to the meeting room is through the library. Elevator lobby doors which lead to the parking lot must not be propped open. Those doors may be used to exit the building after meetings and kept closed when not attended.
  • Groups are responsible for setting up the room. Extra chairs and most of the tables are stored in the Lewis Room.
  • If you are using the Clark Room, please plan extra time to move the tables and chairs, before and after.

3) During the meeting

  • Children of participants must be directly supervised by adult participants and must remain in the Meeting Room.
  • There shall be no alcoholic beverages or smoking on the library premises.
  • No admission or other charge or collection may be taken except to the direct benefit of the CMCLA.
  • Computer access available through wireless access only.

4) Before leaving the meeting room

Meetings must adjourn 15 minutes prior to the meeting ending time to allow time to:

  • Return furniture to position as shown on the Meeting Room Floor Plan (posted on meeting room door.)
  • As needed: place trash in trashcan, clean tables, vacuum. Find cleaning supplies outside the second exit of the Clark Room.
  • Turn off lights & lock the door.
  • Fill out the Meeting Room Attendance Form, and return it, in the binder with the key, to the check-out desk.The cost of cleaning up spills or other damage will be charged to the group using the room.

Any group that violates the above procedures or CMCLA staff instructions for the use of the Meeting Room or creates a disturbance of any kind may be barred from future use of the room.

For questions, please call 503-644-0043 ext. 129. The meeting room scheduler returns calls Tuesday through Saturday.