Meeting Room Policy 2022

General Information as of Summer 2022

The Cedar Mill & Bethany Community Libraries’ meeting rooms are used primarily for library programs. As of March 2022, the meeting rooms are for library programs only and are not open for future bookings at this time. Please check this page in the Fall of 2022 for details on booking rooms in late 2022 and 2023.

Some General Information About Our Meeting Rooms

Our spaces (2 at Cedar Mill Library, and 1 at Bethany Library Annex) accommodate groups of 6 to 76 people in meetings for non-profit and non-commercial use only, and are available only during library open hours. All meetings must be open to the general public. See our meeting room policy for more details on eligibility and terms of use.

For other local options for library meeting and study rooms, see the Beaverton City Meeting Room calendar and Hillsboro Library Conference and Study Rooms calendars for details.

Meeting Room Policy 2022