Tribute Gift Book Plates

Looking for a meaningful gift? When you make a Tribute Gift to the libraries in the name of someone special, a book plate featuring your tribute’s name is placed in a new library item. Your library book plates will journey through the hands of library patrons for years to come.

Your Tribute Gift:

Sample Library Book Plate

Library Book Plate

  • Honors someone you care about
  • Supports your nonprofit community libraries
  • Gives the gift of knowledge to members of your community

How to Order Your Tribute Gift Book Plate:

Make your Tribute Gift online by visiting our secure donation page or fill out a Tribute Gift card in the library.

You’ll enter:

  • Your choice of book plate language:
    • In Honor of …
    • In Memory of …
    • Purchased with funds donated by …
  • Tribute’s name as you would like it to appear on the book plate.
  • Mailing address that you would like a gift notification sent to. (Donation amount will not be included.)

You will receive a receipt via mail. Donations made on our website also receive an automatic email receipt.

Your Tribute’s book plate will be created by library staff and applied to a new library book.

Plus, your name and your tribute’s name will be listed in the Tributes section of Library News, the libraries’ quarterly print newsletter.


Q: Do I have to include my tribute’s address?
A: No.

Q: Do you have to include my name when notifying my Tribute of my gift or print my name in the newsletter?
A: No. To make your gift anonymously, use the Gift Recognition field when submitting your donation.

Q: Can my team/club/business make a Tribute Gift?
A: Yes! Tribute gifts can be made by an individual, a group, or a company.

Q: Can I pay tribute to a public or historical figure?
A: Yes!

Q: How many books and books plates will my donation buy?
A: Library book cost averages about $50. Library books are hard-bound to withstand years of circulation. We will purchase as many new books as we can with your donation and place a book plate in each one.

Q: Does my tribute have to be a person?
A: No. Book plates can also be dedicated to concepts. Example: “In Honor of World Peace.”

Make your gift and order your library book plate here

Questions? Contact or (503) 644-0043 x121.

Library Book Plate