The right to read is the right to think

A letter from Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries’ Executive Director Peter Leonard.

The Right to Read is the Right to Think

Dear Library Friend,

You’ve likely seen libraries in the news lately. Proposals to ban books at libraries and schools have made news across the county. I know that you are a proud supporter of our community’s right to read and right to think!

You’ll be glad to hear that Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries’ Board of Directors made a statement recently in support of protecting and celebrating every community member’s right to choose what they read.

Our board declared that we:
“stand with the entire library community in defense of the freedom to read, and strongly oppose the practice of banning or censoring library materials of any kind. By restricting information and discouraging freedom of thought, censors undermine individuals’ ability to think critically about the world. We remain committed to providing our community with access to diverse reading materials that expose readers to a variety of experiences and perspectives. Parents play a major role in guiding their children’s reading. Parents have the right to determine which library resources are appropriate for their families and must grant the same right to other parents.”

Your annual gift to the Libraries’ Association  helps make this stance possible!

Friends like you are the reason that we are able to support all readers’ access to a wide variety of materials. I’m glad that I can count on you to stand with us. Together we are protecting the rights of community members’ unlimited access to knowledge.

With gratitude,

Peter Leonard

Peter Leonard, Executive Director

P.S. Your steadfast support of libraries is a declaration that we should all have the freedom to read!

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