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Dear Library Friend,

Library staff member

Library staff member

How have your priorities changed lately? The last year taught us all a great deal. We learned that working together is a matter of survival. We learned that thinking about others should be a given. And, we learned that inequities can be obstacles for many in our communities.

You’ve been with us as we’ve constantly re-invented library services throughout the pandemic for you. You’ve seen our efforts evolve to give you access to our collections, your collections. But, behind the scenes we’ve been re-thinking what it means to be accessible.

We’ve been thinking about:

The teenager who’s failing online classes because their family can’t afford internet.
The mother who is struggling to help her kids learn to read because she doesn’t know about library programs for parents.
The person who can’t stand in line to claim their holds because they are battling disability.

What we’ve found is that being a free service is not enough, because not everyone is benefiting from libraries. So we’ve been working to evolve and adapt.

We’ve been working to truly be your libraries, however you need us to be. Your support has made it possible for your libraries to become more accessible. You make it possible to say Libraries Are For Everyone!

Your continued support is helping to create a community resource that continually meets the needs of every one of our family, friends and neighbors. If you haven’t made a gift to Your Community Libraries this year, we hope you will do so today.

Learn what your gift does and what the benefits of membership in the Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries Association are here.

With gratitude,

Peter Leonard

Peter Leonard, Executive Director, Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries

CMBCL Staff Member Peter
“Thank you for all you do for our community. I am a new resident, and I am happily impressed with the library in my new home!” —Cynthia S.
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