Kids' books fundraiser

Results: $4,441

2020 Kids' Books Fundraiser Results

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2020 Annual Kids’ Books Fundraiser. Your gifts will enrich the lives of local kids by allowing your nonprofit Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries to purchase 888 new books!

2020 Kids’ Books Fundraiser

The library is seeking funds to build and refresh its collection of fiction by adding 600 books for students in grades 2 through 7. When kids begin reading and enjoying  longer stories, having quick and easy access to popular books in a series helps create a lifelong interest in reading.

Many of the library titles for this age group have longer wait times for holds and many are simply worn out from multiple readings. You can change that!

Your gift will allow the libraries to add new books for kids:

$100 = 20 books
$50 = 10 books
$20 = the first 3 books in a popular series like Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo or Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan.

Choose Kids’ Books Fundraiser when you make your gift online or donate at a library or by mail.

To donate by check, please make check payable to Cedar Mill Community Library and don’t forget to write “Kids’ Books” on your check. Mail your check to 1080 SW Saltzman RD Portland, OR 97229 or drop your gift off at either Cedar Mill Library or Bethany Library.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Cedar Mill Community Library Association depends on the support of community members like you. By making your gift, you make it possible for Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries to offer library services in unincorporated Washington County and beyond.

Questions? Contact or (503) 644-0043 x121.

Donate before December 31st!

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2019 Results: $3,770

Thank you to CMBCL supporters who donated to the 2019 Kids’ Books Fundraiser, allowing our libraries to add a new item to our Youth Services collection. Your gifts purchased 78 Wonderbooks!

Annual Kids' Fundraiser Results

The 2019 fundraiser added a new item to the children’s collection and focus on products that combine print and audio.

Playaways and Wonderbooks are pre-loaded audiobooks that give children a boost in reading comprehension and recall, foster a love of reading and expose children to more challenging levels of text.

  • 85% of what we learn is learned by listening.
  • 70% of kids say they read more after listening to audiobooks.
  • Combining print and audio increases recall by 40% over print alone.
  • Children can listen and comprehend 2 grade levels above their reading level.

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