Beginning February 6, kids of all ages can stop by a Valentine’s Mailbox station and create a valentine to express their love for a favorite author, book character, library, or someone special. We’ll have a play “mailbox” to mail them in. Parents with young children can use this as an opportunity to help their child explore letter writing and imaginative play. (You can duplicate this idea at home, too, for extended fun!)

Children learn through play. Check out NAEYC’s “10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Play” for more info. With a mailbox activity, a young child is not only having fun, he/she is learning:

  • Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills needed for writing. By Kindergarten, kids need to be able to hold scissors, crayons, pencils, etc. (View Beaverton School District’s “Begin with Basics” video).
  • How the world works through pretend play
  • Language and vocabulary
  • Print Awareness and pre-writing (marking, scribbling and drawing come first)
  • Social skills while playing with others