Identifying shapes is an important part of learning to read and write! Here are two simple and fun shape activities you can do at home with your kids (thanks to CML staff members Jessica and Sonia for the ideas)!

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Supplies: Sidewalk chalk (or washable paint if used on a window), painters tape

  1. Give your kids strips of painters tape and encourage them to place them on the sidewalk in a geometric design.
  2. Using the sidewalk chalk, color in all the shapes (the more colors the better!)
  3. Pull up the painters tape and admire your colorful creation!

Shape Search

Supplies: Painters tape (or big paper shape cut outs), toys and household objects of various shapes

  1. Make big outlines of shapes using painters tape (circle, triangle, heart, square, star, rectangle, etc) Encourage your child to help you!
  2. Kids can search for household objects that match the shape outlines and place them on the shape.
  3.  Allow time for your child to figure out shapes on their own and make mistakes. This is all part of the learning process!

Books about shapes (Imagination Soup)

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