learn to read puzzleLearning to read isn’t simple.  There are many pieces to learn and fit together.  Some pieces come easily for some kids; others not so easily.

A skilled reader needs comprehension (understanding what is read), fluency (reading with speed, accuracy and expression) and decoding (translating printed words into speech).

Kids who are learning to read need 3 books:

  1. The book they hear – this builds comprehension and fluency skills
  2. The book they work with – this builds all 3 skills: comprehension, fluency, but especially decoding
  3. The book they enjoy – this builds motivation to keep working at learning to read

boy and girl readingCedar Mill Libraries now have a special collection called Learn to Read to help support you and your child. It’s located on the shelves before the Early Reader books at both Bethany and Cedar Mill Main library.

Where do I start?

  • Remember, new readers need 3 different types of books – the books they hear, the books they enjoy independently, and the book they’re working on. Build those comprehension and fluency skills by continuing the read aloud.
  • Ask your child’s teacher what reading skill your child is working on. Library staff will do our best to help you find books to practice those skills.
  • Does your child know her letter names and sounds? Upper and lower case?  If not, that is a good place to begin.

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