spectacular daydream albumMo Phillips makes a fantastic contribution to the kindie music scene with his latest album, Spectacular Daydream. Like his previous albums (Robot Rodeo, 2010, Monster Suit, 2012 Occasional Yogurt, 2014) it’s fun, catchy and imaginative.  However, Spectacular Daydream is more musically vibrant and polished. Joyfully contagious, it’s currently on my list of favorite children’s albums. Local guest musicians such as Zac Brown, Little Sue, and Red Yarn contribute; black and white artwork by Lynesee Sardell adds visual appeal. Those purchasing this album also get a ukelele chords booklet. (And check out the instructional videos on his website).

There are many favorites to highlight- Track 11, Jump Inside a Book, celebrates a love of reading: “When you read it’s easy to get hooked/On the magic that can happen/From the crying to the laughing/When you jump inside a book” Several tracks (“Soar” and “Ode to Bed” and “Saulie at the Airport”) have a Hawaiian vibe thanks to prominent ukulele. A few songs are upbeat and carefree (“Cloud Skateboard”, “Solar Flares”, “Moonboots”) and others soft, soothing and transport you to a dreamy sleepy world (“Dreamland”, “Hibernate”, “Sometimes You Gotta Go to Sleep”). Imagination plays a big role in many songs.  Spectacular Daydream takes listeners on a soothing yet spirited journey into childhood.

If you’re a looking for music the whole family will enjoy, you’ll want this album on the rotating playlist. Check it out from the library on your next stop.