On Friday, May 6th, Cedar Mill and Bethany Libraries will be giving away Seed Science Kits to help get you and your family gardening (first come, first serve; while supplies last).

Children make natural gardeners-they are curious, they learn things by doing them and (don’t forget!) they love to play in the dirt! 

Gardening doesn’t have to be done in a perfectly level, large or sunny backyard.  A few containers in a sunny spot are a great way to begin growing vegetables like cherry tomatoes, or herbs such as basil. If you do have outdoor space, try planting seeds in a raised bed or growing beans on a trellis leaning against an outside wall. 

Gardening with children has many benefits for both minds and bodies. For their minds, they are learning patience, cooperation and lots and lots of science! Eating the healthy foods that you grow is a benefit for your child’s body; so is getting their hands dirty and spending time outside. Activities like pushing a wheelbarrow, moving dirt and carrying a watering can promote gross motor skills, overall strength and help kids stay calm and focused.

Portland Nursery has some great tips for gardening with children, as well as suggestions for what to plant and how to find local gardening classes and other resources.

Check out the article, “Gardening With Kids: How It Affects Your Child’s Brain, Body and Soulfor more information (PBS Kids).

Library books to get you started: Science Outside Your Window: Gardening Booklist (WCCLS)