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Gravity Falls Journal 3Hey, folks. Ford Pines here! Stan and I are sailing around the world on the Stan O’ War II, enjoying not having to worry anymore about dark secrets and conspiracies, evil gnomes and the enigmatic Plaidypus. Now I’m publishing the most momentous tome to ever be written about the bizarre and ridiculous events that occurred last summer in the sleepy logging town of Gravity Falls, our triumph over evil and my return from the –

Well, I’m getting ahead of myself. Suffice it to say that when my greatneice and greatnephew Mabel and Dipper Pines found themselves staying with their greatuncle (or “Grunkle” in Pines parlance) at the beginning of the summer, strange and often hilarious things began to happen, chronicled in animated form as the TV show Gravity Falls. And the book that is just now hot off the presses is the book that very quickly fell into Dipper’s inquisitive hands: Gravity Falls Journal 3. May it bring insight into the oddball and adorable (mostly from Mabel’s additions!) events of the best summer of Mabel and Dipper’s lives. But be warned – if you’re interested in watching the animated show, this book will spoil absolutely everything.

Place a hold on it today, and if you’re particularly adventurous, try the first and second sets of DVDs of the TV version of our lives!

– Ford Pines

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