book cover of boy walking on a bridge at night

Fast Facts

Title: Monstrous Devices
Author: Damien Love
Publication date: 11/13/18
Genre: Sci-Fi
Recommended for: Ages 8-12
Rating: 3/5 Stars

Something had woken him. He lay listening, trying to work out what it might have been. The room was dark, silent. The house around him dark and silent, save for the slow tick of the clock in the hall downstairs. Seven ticks later, his eyes opened wide. Click. Whirrrr. Click. Whirrrrr. The sound came from somewhere around his desk. He couldn’t think of what could be making it. His eyes ran over the pile of math books, the unlit desk lamp, his laptop. His jacket hung over the chair, his schoolbag over that. And there, just visible, behind the chair leg, the edge of…something. Something that shouldn’t be behind the leg of his chair.  

Alex’s journey begins on this one night, where he is awoken by these mysterious clicking noises coming from his room… The mystery deepens for Alex and his grandfather, as they travel to Paris on a nonstop adventure to stop a mysterious man and little girl. It is a race against time to find a key that will unlock a toy robot. 

This book wasn’t bad… Its not the kind where you couldn’t ever read it again, but it doesn’t make it onto my list of favorite books. Partially because the plot was super predictable. It doesn’t go in depth into the main antagonist’s backstory, which is something I would like to understand better. The grandpa was also super vague in the info he gives Alex about the threat they are up against, which bugged me as a reader because I was clueless during some events, much like Alex! However, the author does an amazing job writing climactic scenes. There is so much description and detail, it almost feels like you are Alex yourself! I would recommend this book to you if you enjoy reading about a hero’s journey.


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