School is out, but you can still include math throughout your child’s day without worksheets or going online! Here are some fun ways to boost math skills during normal, daily activities.

Math during snacks 

Ask for your preschool child’s help in distributing items like snacks or in laying napkins out when setting the dinner table. Help her add one snack or napkin to each place setting. This helps younger children understand one-to-one correspondence. When you are distributing items, emphasize the number concept: “One for you, one for me, one for Daddy.” Or, “We are putting on our shoes: One, two.”  You can take the concept further with older children by numbering place settings and having them match numbers to the number of snacks.  Let them experiment and make mistakes! Take time to talk about more and less.  

Let children assist you in cooking.  Even young children can help fill, stir, and pour. Through these activities, children learn to count, measure, add, and estimate. 

Math During Games 

Make your own games with cups and balls.  Put numbers on the cups and have players add up their own scores when the cups are knocked over (paper and pencil are allowed). Tape the cups on a wall for a whole new dimension of playing. 

Other ideas: Get out a deck of cards and try some card games that teach math painlessly (We Are Teachers). 

Math During Laundry

Gather your laundry and have your kids help sort it by color, by size, or by person. When you are done sorting notice the size of piles and talk about big, bigger and biggest.  Keep the activity going after the laundry is finished by looking for items around the house that can be big, bigger and biggest. 

More age appropriate math activities that you can add to your daily routine (PBS Parents)

Enjoy some math-focused reading! Ebooks (in English and Spanish) about Math  (WCCLS)