This past year, several powerful immigration stories for kids were published- two of them especially captured my interest because of their timely and hopeful messages.

Where Will I Live?where will I live cover by Rosemary McCarney introduces the idea that sometimes children need to leave home because they aren’t safe, due to war or conflict. Breathtaking photographs of refugee children from places like Hungary, Greece, South Sudan, and Myanmar help powerfully illustrate the experience of physical discomfort, uncertainty, isolation, lack of personal space, and searching for a permanent home. The book ends with a heartfelt sentiment: “After such a long journey, and such a long wait, I hope someone smiles and says “Welcome home.” I hope that someone is you” This story promotes awareness and empathy for refugees worldwide and may prompt a personal call to action.  Ages 5+

Lost and Found Cat coverLost and Found Cat: The True Story of Kunkush’s Incredible Journey by Doug Kuntz and Amy Shrodes is the amazing story of a refugee family fleeing danger in Iraq. They lose their beloved pet cat Kunkush on the journey to Greece. Through a news website and worldwide effort, Kunkush is later discovered, cared for and reunited with his original Iraqi family. This book includes real photographs of the family reuniting with their cat. I really loved this heartwarming, hopeful story. Ages 4+

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