We live in a wonderfully diverse world!  In recent years, there have been more books focusing on kids and families in the LGTBQ community. One way to honor and celebrate Pride Month is by sharing some great books with your kids and teens. Here are recommended titles for kids and teens, along with a few resources.  We hope you’ll find these helpful for this month and beyond. Happy Pride!

Portland Pride Info and Calendar (Portland Pride Northwest)

Pride Month Info and History (Library of Congress)

Coming Out: Information for Parents of LGBT Teens (HealthyChildren.org)

The Trevor Project– Resources for LGBTQ Youth

Kids & School Age:

Picture Book Pride! (Ebooks/audio through WCCLS)

LGBTQ Ebooks for Elementary School Age (WCCLS)

LGBTQ Books for Toddlers to Tweens (No Time for Flashcards)

11 Books to Talk to Kids About Gender Expression (Scary Mommy)


Stories about Gay and Queer Guys

Stories about Queer and Lesbian Girls

Pride and Less Prejudice: 10 LGBTQ Books for Teens (Brightly)