Your child has read all the Amelia Bedelia, Frog and Toad, or Nate the Great books. What’s next??

Puzzled as to how to find an appropriate beginning chapter book?

Today I’ll share 3 secrets which might help you find the next best book.

boy telling secrets

Secret #1: Look for orange tape in the Juvenile Fiction collection. Easier books have the orange tape on a spine label. You’ll see we have a small display of these books at the beginning of the kid’s fiction.

Secret #2: Open a book to see the font size, number of pages, and pictures. Good transition books will have a slightly bigger font than regular longer chapter books and include some pictures.

Secret #3: Five fingers rule: Open the book to page #2 or higher and let your child read one page. Hold up a finger for each unfamiliar word. 4 or 5 – too many. Your child will not feel comfortable with this book. 0 to 2 – maybe the book is not challenging enough. 3 unfamiliar words = a good choice!

Remember: Beginning readers need to re-read books as well, so if they ask for the same title, let them have it! They need to feel confident and able to say: “I read this book in ONE DAY!” And this is possible only when they know a book very well. -Marta

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(Originally posted on Sept.15, 2014)