Join us for one or all of our virtual parenting series on Zoom. All sessions are free, but registration is required. Adults only please, as content is appropriate for parents and adults caring for kids/teens.

Positive Parenting to Create a Happy Home

Transform misbehavior into connection and cooperation. Intended for parents of children 18 mos- 12 years, you’re encouraged to bring your parenting questions and challenges to this monthly workshop.  Presented by Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Megan Barella. 

First Thursday of the month, from7:00-8:00 pm Registration Required

June 3- Register Now

July 8* (*Note: Held on the 2nd Thurs of the month) –Register Now


September 2

October 7

November 4

December 2

January 6, 2022

February 3, 2022


Supporting Dual Language Learners

Parents of children who are dual language learners often have questions about how to support their childrens bilingual development. Find answers to common questions and learn hands-on strategies to help promote your children learning and loving two or more languages! Presented by Dr. Dawn Hendricks

Tuesday, March 16 from 6:30-8:30 pm

Parenting Anxious Children: Strengthening Connections and Building Skills 

Managing anxiety- our children’s and our own- can feel like an ever-increasing challenge in today’s world. In this presentation, you’ll receive an overview of the science and neurobiology underlying anxiety; be guided to reflect on how anxiety affects your own children and family; and broaden your “toolkit” for connecting with and supporting your children when they struggle with anxiety. Presented by Allan Cordova, Ph.D.

Thursday, April 15 from 7:00-8:30 pm

Talking with Your Children About Race and Racism

Learn how to talk with your children about race, diversity, and racism. You’ll receive an overview of racism and the impact it has on children and families in today’s society. You’ll learn how to have open conversations with your children about the effect that race and racism has on their own lives. Presented by Alexander Smith, PsyD.

Wednesday, April 21 from 7:00-8:30 pm

I See You: Connecting With and Parenting Teenagers

“What do you do?” Many people answer this question by describing their jobs and work.  Most attend weekly or daily meetings, or even participate in conferences. But how many hours per week do we invest in our work as parents? There is a plethora of books and an equal number of proposed parenting strategies. While many of the strategies are helpful, it can feel overwhelming to sort through the numerous child-rearing ideas and suggestions.

In this talk, we come back to the basics of effective parenting that are rooted in science and research, as we integrate behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness strategies for parenting success.  Presented by Nick Hong, Ph.D.

Thursday, May 6 from 7:00-8:30 pm


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