This week we focused on sizes (small, medium, large) and shark and ocean-themed stories. We talked about how fish breathe, what they eat, etc. We showed different sized balls and then pulled objects from a bag and had preschoolers say whether they were small, medium or large.

We read:

Blue Sea by Robert Kalan

I’m The Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry

Puffin Peter by Petr Horacek

The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist (we used puppets and props to tell this story)

Flannel Rhymes & Songs:

Octopus (aka Slippery Fish) by Charlotte Diamond

Bubble Bubble Pop! song (Jbrary)

Baby Shark video

We made a paper plate jellyfish like this one, using a half paper plate, streamers, markers, and googly eyes (a cheap and fun craft!). We also had ocean themed puppets for some free play and some color mixing tubes and discovery bottles.

STEM Tip: Follow your child’s curiosity about the world and follow their interests with both fiction and nonfiction reading materials.

We mentioned vestibular input (input the brain receives to help move the body) and its importance for healthy child development. It helps develop problem-solving, balance and coordination, attention span, motor planning, organizational skills and more. Games like “freeze dance” and activities such as jumping, biking, running, and yoga can all benefit your child. Learn more.