We had fun with balloons this week, discussing what a balloon needs to float. We showed kids how to blow up a balloon with air and what happens when we let the air out. We showed a balloon with helium. We talked about how children are natural scientists, exploring their world, and we can help them notice and describe things. It’s also okay to make mistakes, because that’s how we learn and grow!

Stories we read:

Sally’s Great Balloon Adventure by Stephan Huneck

Perfectly Percy by Paul Schmid

Bear’s Birthday by Stella Blackstone

I Have a Balloon by Ariel Bernstein

We shared a flannel rhyme, “Little raccoon, little raccoon, are you behind the (color) balloon?” (a version of this at the blog “one little librarian”)

After storytime, the preschoolers decorated die-cut hot air balloons with small colorful pom-poms and crayons. Just sticking the small pom-pom on the paper balloon was a good fine motor exercise!