The Cedar Mill Libraries are committed to helping families during the pandemic by providing helpful information, relevant lists of books and other materials, and knowledgeable speakers.  Explore the following resources to find a variety of ways you can get parenting support right now during  this challenging time.

Parenting During the Pandemic- Recording of Megan Barella’s presentation (YouTube)

How can we, as parents, manage stress, provide structure and connection to our children’s days, and support academics and social development without burning out as parents?  Join Megan Barella, Positive Discipline Educator, to learn how to make your life easier and more enjoyable during the pandemic, let go of parenting guilt and overwhelm, and also feel confident that your children are thriving during this time.


Managing Worry for Children in the Time of COVID-19 : A list curated by the American Library Association to help children and parents understand COVID 19 and how to be less anxious during these times.

Parenting During a Pandemic specifically focuses on parenting issues such as COVID-19 information, homeschooling, health and wellbeing, and books for children.

Online resources:

Resources for Helping Kids and Parents Cope Amidst COVID-19 (American Academy of Children and Adolescent Psychiatry)

COVID-19 Parental Resources Kit- Resources by Age Group (CDC)

Pandemic Parenting– Resources and Recording (Pandemic Parenting)

Supporting Families During COVID-19 (Child Mind Institute)