Create musical instruments out of everyday materials and start your own band!  Join us on Thursday, Aug.9 from 10:30 am-12:00 for a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) musical instrument making session for ages 6 and up. You’ll learn to make mini-drums, egg maracas, mini-banjos and more.

These books have everything you need to start rockin’!
Make Your Own Musical Instruments by Anna-Marie D’Cruz
I Can Make Music : Easy-to-Make Instruments for Kids by Michael Purton
Making Music by Ann Sayre Wiseman

Discover ways of making interesting musical instruments from around the world, using materials you probably have at home:
High-tech DIY Projects with Musical Instruments by Maggie Murphy
Maker Projects for Kids Who Love Music by Rebecca Sjonger

Get instructions for simple and more technical instruments to build, and learn about resources to help inspire you to make your own music:
Epic Cardboard Adventures by Leslie Manlapig
Playing Musical Bottles by Brook Rowe

Learn more fun activities using simple, everyday materials- including musical maracas, a kooky kazoo, a mighty microphone, a drum and a shaker:

Fun Things to do with Cardboard Tubes by Marne Ventura
Fun Things to do with Paper Cups and Plates by Kara Laughlin

Want to try out real instruments? Check out the following Discovery Kits, available at Cedar Mill Libraries: Music Discovery KitViolin Discovery Kit, Ukulele Discovery Kit