Denise Gour, LCSW

Any current parent of a teen will tell you that they are under enormous pressure from all sides. Is it more than the past or just different?  That’s hard to say, but it is an intense time to be a teen these days.  Approaching this pressure with mindfulness techniques is a successful way for teens and parents to cope.  On March 21st at 7 PM, social worker and mindfulness educator, Denise Gour, will be at the library to tell us about mindfulness practices for teens and parents of teens. She will discuss brain science regarding teen cognition and stress reduction tools. She has good book suggestions and there are many useful mindfulness resources in the library as well (see examples below).

Mindfulness books on parenting:

Mindful Parenting in a Messy World – Michelle Gale
Unappreciated, guilty, inadequate…these are all feelings most parents deal with at one point or another. Michelle Gale was no exception as a busy professional raising two kids. Then she discovered something that helped, being present in each moment. With her funny personal stories, Gale teaches parents how to react less and connect more among other things.

Mindful Games: Sharing Mindfulness and Meditation with Children, Teens and Families – Susan Kaiser Greenland
Greenland suggests games that will help kids and teens focus while learning how to deal with emotions in a kind, compassionate way.

Growing up Mindful by Christopher Willard
This book shows parents and professionals how to teach teens effective mindfulness techniques in order to ease their stress and provide them with tools to cope in today’s high stress environment.

Mindfulness books for Teens:

Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens – Gina Biegel
Biegel is a therapist who has worked with many teens. She has developed this workbook to help teens notice emotions, rather than hide or suppress them. To learn how to respond rather than react to issues. To start being and living rather than just exist.  To control actions and own your decisions. These helpful activities will help a teen get a handle on stress and anxiety.  Part of the Instant Help books for teens.

Classics on Mindfulness:

Radical Acceptance – Tara Brach
Brach offers readers a rich compendium of stories and techniques designed to help people awaken from what she calls “the trance of unworthiness.” The sense of self-hatred and fearful isolation that afflicts so many people in the West can be transformed with the steady application of a loving attention infused with the insights of the Buddhist tradition, according to Brach. Interweaving stories from her own life as a hardworking single mother with many wonderful anecdotes culled from her therapy practice and her work as a leader of meditation retreats, Brach offers myriad examples of how our pain can become a doorway to love and liberation.

To see a whole list of books on mindfulness for parents and some for teens as well, check this link.  You can place holds on these books there as well.