Your librarians at Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries love reading kids books, especially during summer! Here are our chapter book recommendations for grades 2-6 (see all our booklists!)  Want our help selecting books your child will love? Try our Handpicked Books service! We’ll browse for you, and contact you when your books are ready to pick up. Happy Reading!

From Jenny at Cedar Mill: 

Dragons in a Bag by Zetta Elliot (Fantasy: Grades 2-4) 

Brooklyn is no place for baby dragons. They must be delivered to a magical world where they’ll be safe. Nine-year-old Jax is trying, but things get rough when he and his friends let the dragons out of the bag and feed them sweets. Also try next in series: The Dragon Thief. 

The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste (Scary Stories: Grades 4-6) 

Eleven-year-old Corinne is half jumbie. Her mother was full jumbie: ancient and powerful, but she died when Corinne was very young. Now Corinne is discovering her own strengths and the villagers, who fear jumbies, are starting to notice… 

Suee and the Shadow by Ginger Ly (Graphic Novels: Grades 4-6

When Suee transfers to the dull and ordinary Outskirts Elementary, she doesn’t expect to hear a strange voice speaking to her from the darkness of the school’s exhibit room, and she certainly doesn’t expect to see her shadow come to life. 






From Nicole at Bethany: 

All’s Faire in Middle School by Victoria Jamieson (Graphic Novel: Grades 4-6)

A pitch-perfect portrayal of middle school life through protagonist Imogene, who wants to pursue her dream of becoming a knight at the Renaissance Fair while also distancing herself from what she views as her embarrassing family so she can make new friends as she transitions from home-school to public school. 

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz (Scary Stories: Grades 4-6) 

A classic short story collection for any scary story lover.  When I was young my friends and I loved to read these stories aloud at sleepovers to freak ourselves out. Of course, you can also enjoy reading them alone – if you dare! 

Bink & Gollie by Kate DiCamillo (Funny Stories: Grades 2 –4) 

Great for the early reader who is intimidated by chapter books, the format of this book is unique with lots of illustrations and little text on most pages.  The two best friends are funny and unique each in their own way and you can’t help but love them as they adventure through their days. 

From Rebecca at Cedar Mill: 

EllRay Jakes Is Not a Chicken by Sally Warner (Realistic Fiction: Grades 2-4)  My kids and I enjoy the EllRay Jakes books by Sally Warner! He’s a funny kid who deals with interesting, relatable situations in this page-turning series.  Great for reluctant readers! (from )  

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea by Ben Clanton (Graphic Novels: Grades 2-4) 
What could be more fun than a Narwhal and Jellyfish who, along with other ocean friends, have hilarious experiences navigating friendship and deep sea adventures together? This the first in a cute and imaginative graphic novel series. 

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak  (No Unicorns, Princesses or Sparkles Found Here! Grades 2-4 

This is one of those books you can read repeatedly in different ways and burst into giggles every time! I highly recommend this hilarious read-aloud perfect for kids of all ages (and grown-up kids at heart)! 


From Carrie at Cedar Mill: 

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (Scary Stories Grades: 4-6) 
Very creepy with rich world-building that pulls you in. You won’t be able to put it down! 

Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon (Graphic Novels: Grades 2-4) 
The very first series my son fell in love with. We read them as a family over and over again. 

Timmy Failure by Stephan Pastis (Funny Books: Grades 4-6) 
A clueless kid detective with a polar bear as a partner? It’s comedy gold! Parents who love the Pearls Before Swine comic strip will especially like this series. 

From Julie at Bethany: 

Stick Dog by Tom Watson (No Unicorns, Princess or Sparkles Found Here! Grades 2-4) 
Stick dog will make you laugh, cry and be hungry! This stray dog and his friends take you on an adventure in every book in the series. Read them all!  

The Alien Next Door Series: A.I Newton (No Unicorns, Princess or Sparkles Found Here! Grades 2-4) 
The alien in this series looks just like a kid but does not always act like one. His classmates soon wonder if there really is an alien in the classroom. A great story about friendship. 

From Marta at Cedar Mill: 

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein (Mystery: Grades 4-6) 
I love mysteries! And when you put a good mystery and a library together, all you can do is fall in love! This is fast paced, brain challenging, game focused real gem! Just read it! And it’s the first one in a series. 

The Trouble with Chickens by Doreen Cronin (Mystery: Grades 2-4)  Did I mention that I love mysteries? Here you have a former search-and-rescue dog detective who is hired to find two missing chicks. You think it should be easy, right? Think again!