Parenting Power ToolboxMoving from diapers to potty is a milestone for little ones – and their parents. And often a bit of a challenge! For assistance, try our Potty Kit: Check out a bag of books that introduce your child to the potty, and gather practical ideas from the toilet training book included for parents.

As with most child rearing issues, there are a variety of points of view on what constitutes the best method for toilet training. To help you find the one that best suits you and your child, a variety of toilet training books for parents and children are also found in our library’s Parent Collection. Here are a few we recommend:

child on potty chairToilet Training Books:

I’m Potty Training My Child: Proven Methods That Work by Patricia Wynne, PhD

The Complete Guide to Potty Training Children: new sure-fire strategies that make it easy for them (and you) by Melanie Williamson

Stress-free Potty Training: a commonsense guide to finding the right approach for your child by Sara Au

Online Info:

Potty Training- How to get the job done (Mayo Clinic)

Learning to Use the Toilet (Zero to Three)

Potty Training Techniques (Parenting Science)

Infant Toilet Training (Baby Center)