Your kitchen is chock-full of interesting things and using regular items in a novel way can be a thrill to your preschooler. Varieties of pasta can be sorted, colored water can be mixed, and putting rubber bands on muffin tin is a great exercise for small hands and helps with eye hand coordination.  Check out these activities (which are most appropriate for children ages 3 and older) in the video below.

Your toddler can join in too!  Have a salad spinner? Fill with any child-safe material, like plastic bottle caps and spin away! For toddlers, just pushing the button is a good activity to build eye hand coordination. You can turn this into a simple science experiment by talking about the sounds of different materials, like tissues, peanuts, marshmallows, etc.  The video below shows our toddler enjoying this activity, along with another one that includes spaghetti! 

Remember, messy play is sensory play which means all senses are engaged! This the best environment for children to learn (NAEYC).