BOOKSHARE: Bringing the Library to Kids in Child Care

Child Care Provider reading to kids

Access to books and reading together are two of the best ways to build a lifelong love of reading in young children.

The Bookshare program puts books into the hands of kids in family child care and daycare centers while supporting the development of early literacy skills. Early literacy is what kids know about reading and writing before they actually learn to read and write. The five early literacy practices are singing, talking, reading, writing and playing. All five share an important role in developing language and literacy skills while preparing for future success in school.

Once a month a box of books is brought to child care facilities. These boxes are rotated among the child care community. They contain picture books great for reading aloud, non-fiction that appeals to preschoolers and board books perfect for toddlers and babies.

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The BookShare program’s service area (Printable PDF Map) is entirely within Washington County and bounded by:

  • Springfield Road on the north; , SW 185th Avenue on the west;
  • SW TV Highway on the south, and Highway 217;
  • Barnes Road, and Miller Road on the east.
  • and Washington/Multnomah County line to the northeast.

Sites must be within Washington County.

Information & Links for Child Care Providers

For Bookshare questions contact:
Julie Handyside
Early Childhood Outreach Librarian or 503 644-0043 x 120

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