Welcome to Preschool Power and our STEM Storytime topic: Seesaws and Slides!  This week we read about what happens to “sheep in a jeep on a hill that’s steep,” and what happens when you fall asleep on a skateboard at the top of a hill! We also read about some dinosaurs who have a hard time sharing a seesaw. In other words we learned about two simple machines: the inclined plane and the lever!

Cosmo Zooms by Arthur Howard
Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw
Bigger Than You by Hyewon Kyung

After storytime, kids made slides and seesaws from blocks and cardboard ramps. They also experimented to discover “what rolls down a ramp?” a block? a ball? a spool of thread? a car? It’s always fun to watch what children do when they are given a variety of materials and very few instructions. Some kids were interested in rolling items down a ramp, while others built creations with the cardboard and blocks. When we give kids the time and space to experiment with materials, it fires up their reasoning skills, creativity, and confidence!

More fun activities:
Pool Noodle Races
Cardboard Tube Marble Run