compressed using irfanview - JPG, picked size of 29 kb, High Chroma resampling“I’m going to be a Big Brother!” “I’m going to be a Big Sister!” Make the most of welcoming a new baby into your family with new sibling books and kits. New Sibling Kits contain several children’s books to share with the soon-to-be sibling, and a book of tips for parents – all in one bag for easy pickup.

The library has many books designed to help you and your child welcome a new baby into the family. Here are a few:

big sister and baby sisterPeaceful Parent, Happy Siblings: How to Stop the Fighting and Raise Friends for Life by Dr. Laura Markham. Includes a chapter called “Before the new baby and through the first year” devoted to building the foundation for a good relationship between your children from the beginning.

Welcoming Your Second Baby by Vicki Lansky. Offers parents practical ideas for a smooth welcome.

On Mother’s Lap by Ann Herbert Scott. A sweet story that shows there is enough space, and love, for both children.

I’m A Big Sister/Brother by Joanna Cole. Deals with the practical side of having a baby in the house.

And Baby Makes Four by Judith Benjamin. What’s it like for this preschool girl who is a new big sister? See how her two moms support her feelings and help her grow into being a big sis.

Online info and suggestions for helping with a new baby transition:

How to Prepare Your Child for the New Baby (Aha! Parenting)

Birth of a Second Child (KidsHealth)

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