Build Your Baby’s Brain!

The foundation for all of your baby’s learning begins by taking small moments during the day to interact with your child. It’s called “serve and return” and it’s very powerful.

What’s a serve? It’s when your child points at something, makes a face or kicks her arms and legs! It can be quite subtle at first, so pay attention.

What’s a return? When you turn your attention toward what baby is looking at. (Oh, do you see a dog? Woof! Woof) or baby kicks and her eyes get big when he looks up from his crib. (Are you awake and ready to play? Daddy will pick you up!)

Here are 5 tips for practicing Serve and Return with your child from the Center on the Developing Child.

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About the Author:

Jenny grew up in Idaho where she loved climbing trees and building houses for tiny stuffed animals. Jenny loves managing the picture book collection and doing Preschool Storytime. She tells families to never stop reading picture books- they are for EVERYONE!