waylon-cover1Waylon Jennings Zakowski is known as the most “science-y” kid in class. His favorite book is called “The Science of Being Human”, and he memorized its chapters! But fourth grade is tough for Waylon:

  • The boys are divided into two teams and he is not sure which one he wants to be on
  • The new kid in class is famous for being brutal and dangerous
  • Waylon’s fourteen-year-old sister is going through some changes and not speaking to him or their parents

So Waylon focuses on his favorite topic and buys a journal to record his scientific accomplishments.

And finally, during Geography, he figures it out: he is an isthmus! “Isthmus: a narrow bridge of land that connects two land masses.” Will he be able to connect both teams at school? Will he connect his sister with the parents?

Sara Pennypacker did it again with Waylon! One awesome Thing! She created a perfect character to be enjoyed by young and old readers alike. It’s a great read-aloud choice for the whole family.

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